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Add a special touch to your mementos with custom engraving and embroidery services from our company in Capac, Michigan. Doodling Outback Embroidery’s wide array of custom embroidery, printing, and engraving services helps make your business unique and your wardrobe more “you!” Contact us today at 810-395-8746 for more details about the many possibilities we can create for you.

Screen Printing
Pay less for cost-effective screen-printing services from Doodling Outback Embroidery. Great for giveaways, business T-shirts, school functions, and special events, our screen-printing services help you save time and money when ordering a large number of T-shirts for any event. Our prices are based on four colors per shirt, and additional charges apply for more colors. We do not screen print hats at this time.

Etching & Engraving
Our non-laser engraving services for metal, plastic, and glass will enhance your special mementos. We engrave items for your wedding, including champagne glasses and knives, as well as medals for sports achievements. You can also order custom engraving services on metal stock that’s cut to size (this includes trophy plates).

Digital Embroidery Send us a picture or artwork to help us create your own personalized logo, which we can embroider on any wearable or non-wearable item. From suitcases, bowling bags and gear bags to shirts, coats, varsity jackets, and hats, we can embroider any kind of design onto any type of material to give you a professional, classic look. Doodling Outback Embroidery can even make polo shirts that you can wear to the office. Contact us at 810-395-8746 for details about the added costs of larger images with more color.

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